Quick Hit Read: How can you effectively get others to accept change?

Resisting changeWhen trying to enact change at your company, persuading the right people at the right time is key. Here is a proven strategic method to help you be succesful.

Bucket people into 3 main groups. Your Supporters, the Neutrals, and your Resistors.

Which group should you focus on winning over first?

Focus your efforts on the Neutrals!

Neutrals will take less time to win over than resistors and you want to quickly build momentum for your idea to give it power. In fact, trying to win resistors over first can often backfire and they can actually end up convincing Neutrals to come to their side. Supporters are already on your side, so the best thing to do is leverage them to help you win over the Neutrals so you can use power in numbers. Once you win enough Neutrals over to tip the scales, Resistors will become the minority and it will become  much more difficult for them to stand against your proposed change.

Your change proposal will be much more likely to succeed if you use this approach.

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