How to Market Yourself

So, you want to put yourself out there. The best way to market yourself is to be good at what you do and find the right distribution channel to showcase it. The most important thing I can say is bragging about yourself will do more harm than good for your career. So, don’t aim to brag and impress. Aim to educate and be memorable. It’s better to be the best version of yourself, then the second version of somebody else.


When is the best time to publish content?

In my research, the best time to publish business content is in the mornings on weekdays. But let’s get into the specifics and experiment a little so you can maximize your readership. OPERATE WITHIN RANGE: Readership starts ramping up at about 4am and doesn’t die down until 9pm. PEAKS ARE YOUR BUSY TIME: The majority…

Top 5 Design Considerations for a Positive UX

Are your bounce rates consistently high? Is the average amount of time spent on your pages relatively low? Here is a quick checklist that can significantly boost these metrics if not implemented already.

Creating a First Class Newsroom

The rise of real-time marketing calls for a change in the way that marketers and clients collaborate. With the turn-around time being days, if even that generous, in contrast to traditional month-out development periods, marketers have been developing newsroom style models to remain competitive. We’ve come up with a list of best practices to build a first class newsroom.

Instant Articles, Instant Load, Instant Satisfaction

“Instant articles,” Facebook’s new news platform, improves the experience of news seeking users, as well as inspires more user interaction and sharing. Instant Articles allows publishers to create articles that load natively inside Facebook’s mobile app instantly.

The Impact of Analytics on Monetization and Content Creation

The ideas of how consumers get through commercials is evolving. The market trend is driving towards consumer choice on when and how they watch creative and commercial content.

Marketing Strategy: How to Market Your Next TV Show or Film?

You are tasked with developing the marketing strategy for a show (or film). You have your go-to staple marketing avenues, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Vine, YouTube, outdoor billboards, press release, (and theatrical trailers for film), buzz you want to really make this into a tent pole show (or blockbuster movie). Listed below are 7 fresh ideas in…