Insights into the Changes Impacting the Digital Entertainment Industry

Current analytics is giving our industry insights, which are so profound, that they are impacting and changing content creation, its accessibility, as well as the way we are monetizing it. What does this mean for the future of digital entertainment and advertisers who market through it?


20 Tips for Tech Savvy Executives on How To Combat Screen-Sickness

As a busy executive being on call all the time, it’s exciting to see where your next opportunity may be and always want to be the 1st to know. But admit it, as much as you want to check that text that just came in, you don’t want to look at another screen again. If you are experiencing these symptoms then you may have “screen-sickness.”Here are some things you can do to avoid “screen sickness” and alleviate the symptoms.

Made Globally

The “Made In China” labels are becoming irrelevant. There are so many elements that go into a product before it hits market. In fact “Made In” labels only tell part of the story. Companies are now combining materials from all over the world to create new products, as well as outsourcing, off-shoring and now, world-sourcing.