Quick Hit Read: How can you effectively get others to accept change?

When trying to enact change at your company, persuading the right people at the right time is key. Here is a proven strategic method to help you be succesful.


Do you have a strong strategic competitive advantage?

What does your firm have that is unique, sustainable and hard to copy? There are 2 types of competitive advantage and the most successful strategies have either chosen one or the other, not both! But why?

BRAIN TEASER: What Animal Do We Have the Attention Span Of?

A typical attention span is 8 seconds and has been getting shorter with time. Having an attention span this short can inhibit your ability to learn and be productive. Learn ways in which you can recreate focus and lengthen that attention span to work in your favor so you don’t have associate yourself so closely to a fish.

Understanding What is Strategy?

There are many perceptions of what strategy is and only one of those definitions is correct. Learn what a true strategy is, why you need it, and it’s key components so you can formulate a winning strategy.