Quick Hit Reads


In a hurry? Bored in line? LAUNCH! understands that executives are busy people. Quick Hit Reads lets you to learn the latest business insights in less than 5 minutes if you are on a time crunch or have a short attention span, from the recommended business publication, LAUNCH!. Brush up on your business terms or presentation skills. Get ideas how you can solve a business problem you are facing. Learn the latest thought leadership, quick hit tips to further your careers, best management practices, brand strategy, market trends and forecasts, and inspirational leadership stories. Learn and apply every day. Experiment. And Take Off!

How Much is Enough to Start a Business?

How much funding does one need to start a business is a common question that startup entrepreneurs struggle with. LAUNCH! provides you with a way to find out what that magic number is so that you don’t under-estimate and run out of cash. The method is taught in business schools and used by seasoned entrepreneurs.

BRAIN TEASER: What Animal Do We Have the Attention Span Of?

A typical attention span is 8 seconds and has been getting shorter with time. Having an attention span this short can inhibit your ability to learn and be productive. Learn ways in which you can recreate focus and lengthen that attention span to work in your favor so you don’t have associate yourself so closely to a fish.

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