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“LAUNCH!” is a business publication by leaders for leaders. We are a powerful network of thought leaders, field experts, and business leaders that share business and career advice for entrepreneurs, executives and aspiring leaders. It is our goal to provide you with the content and tools you need so you can walk away from this site with a vision, network, and plan to succeed.

Success is made up of 99% failure they say. Stories about the 1% may be glamorous and inspiring, but they don’t get you to your next step and leave you in the clouds. Only on LAUNCH! will you hear prominent leaders and experts open up about the hard, gritty version of their stories, the kind that you won’t see featured in Forbes.

Learn what it really takes to succeed, adopt best practices, gain actionable insights and track the latest trends to position yourself for success. It’s our mission to build the kinds of leaders we want to look up to and empower those that want to make a difference in the business world.

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Rebecca Bennett, Founder and Editor in Chief


A rising thought leader in content publishing and business insights, Rebecca is a rare Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, PMP certified professional, MBA candidate and accomplished entrepreneur. She has worked for Fortune 500 companies, such as Fox, Disney, and Sony as well as smaller rising business leaders such as Investors Business Daily. She brings forth over a decade of experience in the content publishing world as it has transitioned into the digital age as well as tried and true management best practices that integrate with the world’s new culture of change.


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