The Future Group


The Future Group has 60+ years of experience developing cutting-edge technology and are using it to help enterprises to create their Future-of-Work. Based on market demand and technology trends we are currently focusing our efforts on AI. Our market research shows that more than half of organizations want to integrate AI into their organizations but aren’t sure how to. We help them to build out a competitive AI strategy that shows them the best places to invest in AI for their business, how to go about doing it, and how to measure success.

We then come up with and incubate new AI solutions, which we then offer companies to try out or pilot before fully integrating into their business to capture the full ROI.


We provide an objective view for your AI strategy. We don’t fit your business to our solutions like many AI vendors, instead we fit our solutions to you, giving you the best possible outcome that is right for your business.


The Future Group is currently inviting a select group of businesses that have made minimal to no investment in AI to explore what that future could look like in a one-time 5-week beta consulting engagement. Companies get a better understanding of how they can fold AI into their business strategy, get a better sense of ROI, as well as a final recommendation and implementation plan. We are only selecting up to 3 companies to take advantage of this free beta consulting engagement in exchange for allowing us to build a case study to share key insights. These will be used to help us build solutions that meet the needs of the market and drive AI forward. Upon completion, if your business is eligible for the current AI solution we are piloting we will invite you in as a first adopter. First adopters enjoy exclusive benefits such as getting to implement new AI technologies without the normal costs associated, lowering their risks entering into AI.